World of Tanks joins FACEIT tournament platform

World of Tanks has joined online gaming platform FACEIT, publisher Wargaming has announced.  

Uniting with the likes of Dota 2, Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the armoured vehicle-sporting MMO will now host competitive leagues and ladders for amateur players in North America and Europe via FACEIT—a service which boasts four million users and hosts over 12 million online game sessions per month. Here, players can compete for “brand new hardware, in-game items, credits and cash prizes.”

“We are always looking for new ways to excite and engage our community who look to play World of Tanks competitively,” says Wargaming’s esports manager Atila Yesildag of the partnership. “The FACEIT platform offers seamless integration while allowing us to provide numerous opportunities for our players to enjoy the competitive scene.”

Admittedly, World of Tanks is a game I’ve only ever dipped my toe in and out of however I must admit I’ve enjoyed watching it grow over the years. Last year’s month-long Domination event looked like fun, for example, therefore if this partnership makes it easier for players to band together in brutal mechanised face-offs, then I assume it can only been a good thing. 

If you’re of similar thinking, you can check out the various World of Tanks tournaments and leagues that’re now available by heading this way, or by browsing the FACEIT site