World of Tanks 8.8 update stays true to expectations by adding new tanks

Update: have announced that the North American release of patch 8.8 has been pushed back to the 18th of September.

Original: A new World of Tanks update has been released, which means a new World of Tanks update trailer is out. That means Wargaming's eternally busy trailer making department have had to come up with another gimmick to spice up their footage of warring tanks. But what to use? Bombastic dub-hell? Nope, they've done that . Crunching metal-on-metal action? Already taken . A variable tempo spinning camera? That sounds more like it.

Pointless visual accompaniment aside, what does update bring to the game? That can be explored in detail over at the official site's 8.8 announcement post , where you'll find details of new entries to the German tech tree, a new branch of Soviet medium tanks, and two new Premium Chinese tanks. There's also a new map, the open and autumnal Tundra, which is the subject of a second, more informative video.

See the complete list of features, fixes and balance changes with the full 8.8 changelist .

Phil Savage

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