World of Darkness vampire MMO not dead, trailer shows first in-game footage

It's been quiet for a while, but the vampire MMO, World of Darkness is still being worked on, in the very darkest corners of CCP. This year's Eve Fanfest has been focused on the future of Eve Online the first person shooter tie-in, Dust 514, but a few more details have emerged, along with our first look at the game engine in the teaser trailer above.

It doesn't look like an MMO zone, does it? It looks as though people could actually live there. WoDNews say that World of Darkness' cities will be stylised versions of real capitals. The footage above likely shows one of WoD's "coffeehouse" districts, a social zone where players can meet up away from the territory battles happening for the rest of the city.

The game is based on the pen and paper RPG ruleset of the same name, the same system behind Vampire: Masquerade. Expect lots of gore, high fashion and hand to hand combat. Your goal will be to amass as much blood and territory as you can to maintain your vampire empire. "Sandbox" and "Theme Park" zones will let you fight for territory and engage in some vampire politics. Players can vote each other into office as Prince of each region.

There's not much more information than that at the moment, and it'll probably be some time before we hear more, with all the work that CCP are doing on Eve and Dust. Still, it's nice to know that World of Darkness is still in the works. Reckon you'd play it?

Tom Senior

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