World of Darkness players can try to stay human, but guns are only good as a "fashion accessory"

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World of Darkness is an upcoming MMO from CCP, creators of emergent, player-driven, space opera, EVE Online. And it's going to be something truly special. Players will exist on a single server where politics are more important than crafting. A place where powerful players can kill off their enemies, forever . We've already talked about that side of things , and now we're going to share more secrets.

Every World of Darkness player will begin their experience in human form. How long will you survive in a server packed with bloodsuckers? That's yet to be seen.

It could result in something outstanding. Imagine hiding out for weeks with a gang of close friends. Then, one night, the immortals track you down and and are thirsting for your blood?

You'll probably need extreme strength of numbers to survive any length of time. Remember, in a world of vampires, guns are weaksauce and blood is the currency. Creative director, Raynir Hardason shared some exclusive details with us at last week's fanfest.

Reynir Hardarson: Yes.

PC Gamer: Will I be able to compete though? Will I be as powerful as the vamps?

Reynir Hardarson: No. Not as a non-immortal. Part of the transformation is that immediately you become a lot more powerful in different ways...

PC Gamer: So it's a decision that players can make? “I'm don't want to roll with those guys?”

Reynir Hardarson: Yes. The game begins when you die.

"It's biased towards close range combat. World of Darkness is not a shooter; you will be able to use guns but they're mostly used for defence," explains Reynir. "Guns are not effective against vampires, they can take bullets easily. Secondly it's much more powerful using your own abilities. Guns are toys. It's a fashion item, a fashion accessory." We'll have more on World of Darkness soon.