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Wolfenstein livestream reveals 30 mins of shooty new footage

You may need to check your diary to make sure you're not in 2001 while you watch the following video for Wolfenstein: The New Order, which resembles one of those WW2 shooters we were collectively bored of well before Modern Warfare moved its action to the presentish day. Supernatural elements, dynamic crate destruction and optional stealth do update things up a bit, but there was little sign from Bethesda's recent 30-minute livestream that Wolfenstein will be anything other than another mundane, gory shooter. Make up your own mind with the following footage, but be wary of an American soldier creeping around your Nazi compound looking to shank you in that mind from behind.

Chris went hands-on with Wolfenstein back in February, and he left fairly impressed by what he had played. The latest trailer certainly showed an extravagance in short supply in the above video, so there is some hope for BJ Blazkowicz's alternate-history anti-fascism rampage yet.

Thanks, Destructoid .