Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem hotfix brings greater stability and balance tweaks

wolcen mage build
(Image credit: Wolcen Studio)

Action-RPG Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem had a rocky launch with malfunctioning multiplayer servers, but developer Wolcen Studio is moving forward. The Wolcen hotfix is here, addressing both server issues and balance concerns. Overpowered abilities like Bane of Tyranny and Secure Parry have been fixed, as have broken nodes Blistering Embrace and Shattering Strike. The Aspects of Apocalypse have also gotten a pretty extensive overhaul, with damage, costs, and length receiving big tweaks to one effect: Aspects now focus on a much larger short-term boost to damage at a higher cost, to make them feel more powerful. The rest of the tweaks and fixes generally focus on stability, bugs, and server overhauls. You can read the full patch notes on both the Wolcen website and Steam.

Despite the initial issues, Wolcen has received a lot of attention for an indie-published game. There’s clearly a lot of interest among the PC audience for new action RPGs in the vein of Diablo. If you're diving into Wolcen with this patch, now that the initial instability has died down, we've got a few things to help out. Here's our Wolcen skill tree guide, to help you navigate that huge tree of powers, and our best Wolcen build guide. 

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