Wingspan: European Expansion arrives on May 5

We liked Wingspan a lot when we reviewed it in late 2020, calling its digital recreation of the bird-based board game "a must play" in our 90% review, and users on Steam seem to share that feeling: It's rated as "overwhelmingly positive" across more than 4,100 user reviews. And soon there will be more, as developer Monster Couch announced today that the long-awaited European Expansion will arrive on May 5.

If you're unfamiliar with Wingspan, it's a game about running a wildlife preserve for birds. Unlike most management sims, though, it's card-based and heavily strategic, with just enough randomization to keep things interesting. The digital translation enhances the tabletop version in multiple ways, including through high-resolution animated scientific illustrations, individual bird calls, narrated trivia, and "a lovely ambient soundscape of birdsong, nature sounds, and classical guitar." (The soundtrack is on Spotify, by the way, and makes an excellent accompaniment to the physical board game).

The European Expansion will include new birds, each with a recording of its bird call and a selection of new and more diverse abilities, and new goals for players to achieve. Naturally, there will be a variety of lovely new landscapes to feast your eyes on, and an all-new soundtrack from original Wingspan composer Pawel Gorniak. All the features from the base game, including full cross-platform multiplayer, will continue to be supported in the expansion.

Wingspan: European Expansion is available for wishlisting now on Steam. You can find out more at or on the official Wingspan Discord.

Andy Chalk

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