Windows mixed reality headsets may not support Steam content initially

Microsoft recently jacked up the excitement level over upcoming mixed reality headsets for Windows 10 by announcing they would run Steam content. That helped allay our concerns (somewhat) that mixed reality experiences on Windows PCs would end up being gimmicky. Unfortunately, it appears that Steam support will not ready in time for launch.

Mixed reality headsets are set to debut when the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update rolls out on October 17.  We assumed SteamVR would be ready to go at the same time, but as reported by Computer Base, Microsoft's Greg Sullivan stated at IFA that it is going to take some additional time.

Sullivan did not have a release date to share. All he could really say was that work on bringing SteamVR support to mixed reality headsets has only just begun. Hopefully it will not take long to bring the two together, but until Microsoft and Valve provide an official update, there is no way of knowing. We might even be looking at having to wait until next year, depending on how much testing is needed.

In the absence of SteamVR support, Microsoft has several games and experiences lined up from the Windows Store for upcoming mixed reality headsets, though none of them are blockbuster hits by any means.

In addition to SteamVR, Microsoft said it has partnered with 343 Industries to "bring future Halo experiences into mixed reality." There is no time frame on that, either.

Paul Lilly

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