Win a Steam Wallet worth $200

'Tis the season to make savings, and alongside Steam's Summer Sale comes Bundle Stars' Red Hot Sale. Now live via the Bundle Stars site everything "from Mad Max and Batman: Arkham Knight, to Dead Cells and Northgard" is reduced —and by using Bundle's RED5 discount voucher, you stand to save an additional five percent on top of sale prices. 

Better yet, if you'd like the chance to net some games for free then you might be interested in the Bundle Stars Red Hot Sale Leaderboard Challenge. With a total prize pot of $1,500 and 51 prize winners, you could be treating yourself to your favourites in just over a week's time. 

Entering is straightforward, and Bundle Stars asks this of you: 

"To win, complete some basic actions and refer your friends. The more pals that sign up using your unique referral ID, the higher you'll rise up the leaderboard, and the more chance you will have to win the Steam Wallet. Finish first for example, and you'll bag $200 worth! One lucky winner will also be drawn completely at random, meaning everyone has a chance to win."

Got that? Good—head in this direction to enter

As noted above, the person ranked first stands to win a $200 Steam wallet, while those ranked 2-10 win wallets worth $50 and those placed 11-50 win wallets worth $20. And one lucky winner will be drawn at random, winning a $50 too. 

Check out Bundle Stars' Red Hot Sale over here (don't forget your RED5 discount code), and know that the Red Hot Sale Leaderboard Challenge ends July 3, 2017. 

Good luck!

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