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Win King Arthur 2 and a remarkably classy Choose Your Own Adventure-style book

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King Arthur 2 Compo

Paradox Interactive 's King Arthur II has just been reviewed in our latest issue (opens in new tab) . According to our reviewer, it's "light on the strategy but an intriguing dark fantasy tale."

The Holy Grail has exploded, almost killing Arthur. Your job is to stop through Britain, making important decisions like whether it's worth kissing a faun in exchange for a magic flute.

Paradox interactive have supplied us with ten copies of the game to give away, along with one incredibly classy choose your own adventure-type book that'll be awarded to the wittiest response of all! To be in with a chance of winning, just answer the following question.

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King Arthur had a round table. It was round. What shape would the official PC Gamer table be?

Update: The winners have now been chosen. Check your forum account inbox to see if you've won, and for details on how to collect your prize.