WildStar trailer takes aim at MMO combat


The latest WildStar DevSpeak diary comes with a particularly surprising revelation: you can be really bad at it. Sure, you can be bad at most MMOs - hitting your skills in the wrong order, or at the wrong time - but the prevalence of auto-targeting means you will at least hit something . In this exploration of aiming, the Carbine team explain "Free Form Targeting" - their evolution of the more traditional system of lazily tabbing between monsters while auto-attack does the business.

While not as freeform as the recent spate of action combat systems seen in MMOs like Neverwinter and Tera, there appears to be a big emphasis on not only the targeting of skills, but also your movement and positioning within the fight. And if the technical specifics aren't your thing, at least there's a randomly explosive finish to enjoy.

For more on Wildstar, you can watch the previous DevSpeak videos covering Movement and Housing , read Chris's hands-on preview , and check out a more general overview video below:

Phil Savage

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