WildStar enters closed testing, new beta sign-ups still being taken

Cheery cartoon-styled MMORPG WildStar has just begun its closed beta, according to an email sent out by NCSoft. Of course, if you've not been invited, this is a bit like being told that all the other kids get to go to funfair while you're stuck at home tidying your room. But there's no need to feel left out - and not just because funfairs are nothing but brightly coloured death traps full of pain and despair. WildStar's developers Carbine Studios are still taking beta sign-ups through their registration page .

According to NCSoft, the beta will last for "several weeks," and allow testers to try out the game's factions races and paths. They hope to add "thousands of players" over the course of the test, giving you ample opportunity to sign-up and take part.

As an incentive to get involved, Carbine previously released this rather shouty trailer, explaining what the game entails.

WildStar is due out later this year. You can find more on the game in our preview .

Thanks, Polygon .

Phil Savage

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