Whispers of the Old Gods is now live in all regions

 Quake, mortals—Old Gods slither among us, or at least mutter menacingly beneath us. Hearthstone’s latest expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods, is now live in all regions, bringing with it some important structural changes that aim to shake up the meta. It's also an opportuntity to see just how badly things can go wrong when you mess with Yogg-Saron.

The across-the-board rollout of Whispers also heralds the arrival of Standard Mode and renames the former standard, ‘Wild Mode’. Standard mode restricts certain cards in ranked play, a necessity for most CCGs whose card selections get out of hand. PC Gamer’s resident Hearthstone obsessive, Tim, catalogued the most important cards to be removed from Standard play. I’d start revising while everyone’s unsteady on their feet.

Bad news for fans of passive aggression—the ‘Sorry’ emote is gone, replaced by ‘Wow’. That leaves plenty of scope to be a dick, of course, but ‘Wow’-ing your own moves is just not cricket.

 All players popping in on Hearthstone during the launch window will receive three Old Gods boosters. The first contains the legendary, many-tentacled C’Thun plus two synergistic Beckoners of Evil. Worth doing, if you ask me. Finally, if the prospect of 134 new cards has left you dazed and confused, we’ve had the pros pick out the 10 most powerful to give you something to aim for.