Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is about roadtrips and storytelling


Well isn't this funny? Just yesterday I was rambling about wanting to see more games tell short stories that don't stick around for 20 hours out of obligation, and here comes Johnnemann Nordhagen at The Game Awards with a trailer for Where the Water Tastes Like Wine.

Nordhagen was a Fullbright co-founder and Gone Home programmer, and his new studio, Dim Bulb Games, has been working away on Where The Water Tastes Like Wine since October last year. Presuming that the tarot-reading heron-man of the teaser has you flummoxed, WTWTLW draws on North American folklore and storytelling tradition, allowing you to stroll its dreamscape as you will, hoping to capture some of the feeling of the roadtrip.


I'd like to see it take after Sunless Sea, in which stories and reports had value and could alter your interactions with inhabitants beyond prediction. With its talk of finding or avoiding cities and landmarks and travellers as you like, WTWTLW certainly seems comfortable offering you choice. Whether that extends to the encounters themselves we'll have to wait and see.

Thanks, Eurogamer.