What did you play last week?

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Rachel Watts has been playing the demo for Floppy Knights, which is sort of Plants vs. Goblins only a deckbuilder that's also a turn-based RPG. Got all that? The papercraft art is adorable and so are units like succulent kickers and the bamboomer, which carries a bamboo bazooka. Floppy Knights was revealed during the Guerrilla Collective streams, alongside a legion of interesting-looking indie games that will be coming out over the next couple of years.

Christopher Livingston has been playing Torchlight 3 now it's in Early Access, and finding it a step backwards from its predecessors. The current version exists mainly to test the multiplayer mode, so the offline singleplayer version isn't playable but right now, but even so between server troubles and simplified skills, items, and the absence of attributes he's finding it a bit bare.

Evan Lahti has been playing Valorant, whose vampire lady Reyna has been draining his will to live. Actually he's enjoying Valorant, but part of enjoying any competitive game is complaining about whichever character or ability is currently OP. It's required by law. 

Emma Davies has been playing The Sims 4, still plugging away at the 100 baby challenge as she has been for weeks. As her Sims get older she's started confronting mortality, happens a lot with The Sims. It's always a strange feeling when these characters you've grown attached to transition into elders. There's plenty of death in videogames, but not nearly as much getting old, and the ordinary passing of Sims feels much more like the losses we actually experience. Though most of us don't experience it on the same scale as Emma's Sims with their dozens of siblings.

But enough about us. What about you? Have you been playing Titanfall 2 now it's on Steam? Or trying some of the demos in the Steam Game Festival? Let us know! 

Jody Macgregor
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