We're upgrading

Ch, ch, changes, sung David Bowie, and while he was probably referring to his own need for constant creative renewal, he might just have plausibly been describing the imminent relaunch of pcgamer.com. Yes, we're about to make some big changes here, but you don't need to be worried. Here's why...

The new pcgamer.com has been designed to work perfectly on every screen size, from the super-wide desktop monitors favoured by PC gamers down to mobile browsers. (We're told you also own phones. Who knew?)

All things being well—*prays to wax Gordon Freeman effigy*—the site will go live on the 30th September. In place of the current blog format, the new layout and simplified nav will make it easier to find the content you want, whether that's our around-the-clock news, long-form features, or authoritative reviews.

In addition to all the usual stuff you've come to expect from us, you can look forward to a greater focus on testing the latest PC components and gaming accessories. We know how important getting value is when building or upgrading your rig, and want to help make sure you get the best possible bang for your hardware buck.

There's plenty more in the works too. We're continuing to improve our video output and how we cover the vibrant scenes surrounding the world's biggest PC games. What won't change, though, is our approach. PC Gamer is written by enthusiasts and experts based all over the world, whose mission is to bring you the most exciting, interesting and valuable stories we can find.

The relaunch represents the first step in bringing you a better PC Gamer, so we look forward to hearing your feedback. As for the old site, it's hard to say goodbye to something you've spent a long time with, but eventually the time comes for change. It will be sent to live on a farm, where it can roam free forever. That sound was probably just a car backfiring.


Hey folks, beloved mascot Coconut Monkey here representing the collective PC Gamer editorial team, who worked together to write this article! PC Gamer is the global authority on PC games—starting in 1993 with the magazine, and then in 2010 with this website you're currently reading. We have writers across the US, UK and Australia, who you can read about here.