Wendy's has released a tabletop RPG where you have to fight McDonalds

Last month, KFC released a dating sim. Now, Wendy's has put together a tabletop RPG. Here we go again. I'd really rather not help a fast food chain plug its grub, but unfortunately Feast of Legends is really well put together and I might want to play it. Just a little bit. 

I'm only familiar with Wendy's through Twitter, where it's one of the sassy brands that won't shut the hell up. I hate it. I was looking forward to hating this, too, but instead I'm forced to acknowledge that the art is excellent, the classes are creative and the adventure seems pretty elaborate. Also, you've got to save the world from McDonalds, known in Feast of Legends as the United Clown Nations. It's definitely a threat.  

Behind the puns, nods to Wendy's menu and digs at the competition, it's actually a pretty competent and full-featured RPG. The book has a whopping 97 pages, so it's not messing around. It helps that it essentially takes the basics of D&D and just renames a few things. The pastiche even extends to the look of the digital rulebook and campaign, which could easily be mistaken for its inspiration.

I'd feel a bit silly telling people looking to dip their feet into the world of tabletop RPGs for the first time to check out a fast food advert, but the rulebook is a surprisingly elegant adaptation that simplifies a few things while keeping all the important bits from D&D 5e. You could do a lot worse. There are better alternatives, of course, and while some of them are expensive, the basic rules for D&D are, like Feast of Legends, free. 

If you fancy toppling the McDonalds empire, you can get everything you need here.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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