Weekend leisure: Richard Garriott gives behind-the-scenes look at developing Ultima

In 2007, Warren Spector taught a class at the University of Texas and invited 12 prominent developers to tell their stories of being pioneers in the game development industry, with the goal of preserving the history of our favorite hobby. His tenth guest was Richard Garriott, the game-developer-turned-astronaut who created the Ultima series of games that played a strong part in defining the RPG and MMO genres. In this 3-hour video, Garriott gives incredible insight into the process of making games, and is very frank about the problems, errors, and mistakes made along the way.

The video was originally made available years ago (Garriott refers to Tabula Rasa in the future tense), but was recently drug back into the spotlight when Richard Garriot encouraged his followers on Twitter to watch it.