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Weekend Game Deals - Square-Enix savings

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Save some money this weekend by shopping smart. Learn how to get 50% or more off all things Tomb Raider, Hitman, Deus Ex, every King's Quest, a 48 game Sega Genesis collection and how to get Batman: Arkham City for just $10!


The biggest deal around Steam this weekend has got to be The Great Square-Enix Cost-Cutification of 2012 (opens in new tab) ! You can get all the available Hitmans, Deus Exes, Tomb Raiders, Dungeon Seiges, Just Causes and much more bundled together for just $75! They can be picked up separately, so we've listed a few of those in addition to other Steam highlights below. Deals are on 'til Monday!


Sadly, it looks as if EA's Origin deals aren't going to be as regular as we thought. Almost every discount from last week has evaporated, save for the pretty great deal of getting Arkham City for $10 (opens in new tab) !


It's Sega's turn in the Amazon deal barrel this week and several great titles are now $7.49 or less (opens in new tab) . And yes, you can activate them on Steam.


Impulse is still rocking the 2K Ultimate Bundle pack (opens in new tab) , which includes BioShock, Civilization III, IV, V, Mafia II, Duke Nukem Forever, Borderlands, the entire X-Com series and more for $69.99! You'll also find a ton of stuff from Paradox Entertainments steeply discounted right here (opens in new tab) .

Know of any more game deals this weekend? Be a dear and add 'em in the comments.