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Weekend Game Deals - Humbled again


First off, go check out the latest Humble Indie Bundle . It's amazing. Then note that Steam has Saints Row: The Third for 66% off and Amazon has cut 91% off its alliterative Paradox bundle . Once you've processed all that, scan the rest of our big weekly list of games that cost less than they normally do.


Steam's big weekend deals are Saints Row: The Third and Worms Reloaded, but it's also on the tail end of a bunch of other sales -- if you want 'em, grab them before the ticker runs out.


[US Only] Amazon's ever-shifting sea of deals has hit the shores of Paradox Interactive, with bunches of dollars off its Plentiful Paradox Package and deals on individual games, too.



Warhammer, Wargame, and Rayman are all on sale. Also, because I'm entitled to pointless opinions on things, I really wish GameStop would stop including copyright and registered trademark icons in every game title. Warhammer ® 40,000®: Space Marine ® looks silly.


Not much in the way of big deals, but if you miss Steam's Super Meat Boy sale, it's still 33% off at GMG. Maybe it always will be.


This week GOG is offering 50% off the Ultima and Wing Commander series. Woo! Instead of duplicating GOG's list here, I'm just going to link to its sale page . Man, that was much easier for everyone.

Know of any more game deals this weekend? Drop them in the comments!

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