We Need to go Deeper: a Jules Verne-inspired roguelike set under the sea

It's rare to find something genuinely fresh in a roguelike, what with 74.8% of the genre being both top-down and ascii-based, but We Need to Go Deeper is the rare example of a RL that grabbed my attention out of left-field. First there's that visual style, which presents an illustrated storybook world of giant squids, sharks, crabs and soggy mermen. Then there's the setting: a Beatles-style yellow submarine under the sea. Lastly there's the promise of an AI director guiding the two-to-four-player, co-op-heavy experience. You'll find a rather exciting trailer 20,000 leagues under the break.

Co-op is the order of the day here, either on or offline, and to that end it's unclear if there's a single-player mode on the horizon (developers Deli Interactive are still weighing up their options, according to the FAQ). The reason is that it's co-op first and foremost: players will need to work together to pilot and maintain their submarine, loading weapons and operating the shields manually to keep the vessel ticking over and unexploded. They'll also be able to leave the submarine, Big-Daddy-suit in hand, to explore the sea bed.

Expect the usual procedural generation, biomes, treasure, caves and ruins on top of that, along with an AI Dungeon Master who "helps cater difficulty to players' skill level and ensures a new experience with every playthrough". We Need to go Deeper should be out this Autumn/Winter, and you can vote for it over on Steam Greenlight if you feel like giving it the old thumbs-up.

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Tom Sykes

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