'We love you, we hate money': Ultrakill and Gloomwood developer New Blood is offering discounts on all its games (and some body pillows) for its 10 year anniversary

Art of Gabriel and V1 from Ultrakill sharing a romantic dinner in a bright, sunny park - rendered to celebrate the studio's 10th anniversary.
(Image credit: New Blood)

New Blood is getting pretty old, huh? The developer (which is behind several indie hits of the past decade) is having a 10 year anniversary sale to celebrate the occasion, aptly titled "We love you, we hate money".

As announced on the studio's Twitter yesterday, New Blood is offering discounts on its catalogue of games—which includes frenetic first-person shooter Ultrakill, slightly-less-frenetic first-person stealth game Gloomwood, and Faith: A haunting little pixelated horror title with a game-over sound that's been burned into my brain by sheer meme osmosis, despite never having played it.

The page itself buries the lede a smidge on the deals available—while a few bucks off Ultrakill is nice, the bundles are where it's at. The Ultrawood bundle, aside from making my inner 10-year-old giggle, lets you snag both games for £23.17 ($27.61). Buying them separately without the discount would run you £37.74 (approx. $47.90). Not too shabby.

The savings ramp up with some of New Blood's classic games, too: Super Galaxy Squadron EX Turbo—a shmup released by the studio in 2015—is currently available for less than a dollar. 

The developer also has body pillow discounts. Yeah, there are officially-licensed Ultrakill body pillow cases for sale, and it's somehow taken me this long to find out. The New Blood store is rammed with t-shirts, mouse pads, that sort of thing—but who are we kidding, you're here for the life-sized Gabriel body pillow, aren't you? 

While the studio's projects are typically pixelated, stylised, and surprisingly smutted-up by their fan communities (not that I'm judging), New Blood's next upcoming game is Fallen Aces—a Dishonoured-style shooter with non-linear levels and stylised pulp comic graphics. You'd think a move to grizzled mafia mobsters would keep the styluses away, I give it about a week before somebody draws the protagonist with his shirt off—the suspenders still on, of course. It's what da boss would want, see?

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