We love Gigabyte's 27-inch 1440p FreeSync monitor and you will too for $265

We love Gigabyte's 27-inch 1440p FreeSync monitor and you will too for $265
Save $65 on Gigabyte's G27Q, one of the best FreeSync gaming monitors around. (Image credit: Gigabyte)

If you're looking for a FreeSync display, Gigabyte's G27Q is the best gaming monitor from a bang-for-buck perspective, and that was before it went on sale. Now, however, you can save up to $65 off its list price, with multiple discounts in play.

To start, Newegg has the G27Q listed on sale from $329.99 to $299.99. On top of that, you can apply coupon code GBAPR22 to knock an additional five percent off, bringing the price down to $284.99. That's an attractive bargain. However, there's also a $20 mail-in-rebate available, which effectively drops the price to just $264.99.

Gigabyte GA27Q | IPS | 1440p | FreeSync Premium |$329.99$264.99 at Newegg (save $65)GBAPR22
Best FreeSync Moni...

Gigabyte GA27Q | IPS | 1440p | FreeSync Premium | <a href="https://click.linksynergy.com/deeplink?id=kXQk6%2AivFEQ&mid=44583&u1=hawk-custom-tracking&murl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.newegg.com%2Fp%2FN82E16824012015" data-link-merchant="newegg.com"" target="_blank">$329.99 $264.99 at Newegg (save $65)
This is our favorite FreeSync monitor, and it's available for a big discount right now. Just be sure to use coupon code GBAPR22 at checkout and take advantage of the mail-in-rebate for the full discount.

We reviewed the G27Q six months ago and praised it for delivering excellent gaming performance and fantastic picture quality. The 27-inch display features an IPS panel with a native 2560x1440 resolution and 144Hz refresh rate, along with a fast 1ms response time (gray to gray).

Other amenities include FreeSync support to keep the action smooth when paired with a Radeon graphics card, DisplayHDR 400 certification, and a pair of USB 3.0 downstream ports.

"The G27Q isn't perfect but there's not too much to fault here, beyond it's rather boring looks. Whether you use it for work or play, the G27Q excels with a sharp, vibrant and smooth picture. The additional features are genuinely useful and you get a lot for $330," we wrote at the time.

Six month later, the same applies, except you now get a lot for $265.

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