We have 5,000 Rising Storm 2: Vietnam beta keys to give away (Update: all gone!)

Another Rising Storm 2: Vietnam beta weekend is here, and will run through this Monday. The series is all about big, asymmetrical FPS battles with all sights trained on teamwork and tactics, and in this case, also helicopters—you can read more in our hands-on from last year. If you were in the previous beta, this latest patch includes new voice lines, "extensive collision passes" on every map, and a ream of gameplay updates and bug fixes.

If that sounds appealing, then good news, we have 5,000 free beta codes to give away. To get one, just enter your email address in the box below (we won't see it, and Godankey won't keep it) to request a key, which you can redeem on Steam. The beta servers will be online throughout the weekend.

Please note, if you have already pre-ordered Rising Storm 2, or buy it during the beta period while also using a beta key, you'll get a warning about owning a duplicate product. We're told not to worry about it: go ahead and install the beta, and after it's over, your full copy will be unaffected.

(Update: The keys have been claimed. Have fun everyone!)

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