We have 150 NeuroSlicer pre-alpha keys to give away (Update: all out)

Update: All 150 keys have been distributed. Have fun!

NeuroSlicers is described as "a highly tactical cyberpunk RTS" with a multiplayer focus. Sound interesting? Good! We have 150 Steam keys to give away for a series of pre-alpha tests going on right now.

The first of the tests is happening this weekend, from 6 pm UTC today (11 am PDT) until 12 pm UTC on Monday (5 am PDT). Tests will continue between those times every weekend until June 4, so with one key you'll have quite a few chances to try NeuroSlicers out.

Hit the link above and enter your email address to request a key (they're first come, first serve). Note that Godankey won't save your email after sending you a key, and we won't see it. PC Gamer Club members who are in our Discord server will also have a separate chance to grab a key today—if you're in there, check the Giveaways channel! If you're a Club member but you aren't in the Discord, check your welcome email for joining instructions.

Dream Harvest Games has also invited us to share its Discord channel, where you can give the developers feedback should you want to. Join that here.

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