We Happy Few has been invaded by robots in the new DLC

We Happy Few's first DLC misadventure is out today, and it's quite the departure from the drugged-up dystopia you might be familiar with. Psychedelic fascism is out, vintage alien robots are in. There's a lot of gloom mixed in with the whimsy in Wellington Wells, but in the underground robot-infested lab, things look a bit more lighthearted. 

In They Came from Below, you'll be playing Roger, previously an NPC, and heading down to Doctor Faraday's secret lab with your boyfriend, James. Together you'll have to halt a robot invasion. The robots are also alien robots. Oh dear. Thank goodness, then, that the lab is also full of sci-fi weapons and gizmos. I'm sure at least one of them will help.

Wellington Wells is a cracking setting, even if I did get a bit sick of backtracking through it, but I'm all for the switch from one retrofuturistic setting to another. It's a shame it's not co-op, though, given that we've got a pair of reluctant heroes. 

Unfortunately, the base game was a bit disappointing when it finally launched last year. 

"The characters, the acting, and the tragedy were enough to get me to eke what fun I could out of playing the thing," Tyler said in his We Happy Few review. "We Happy Few's bugs and inconsistencies and thematic concessions make its open world tiring, survival obligatory, stealth frustrating, and combat clunky, but if you're willing to take it slow and gather lots of herbs and metal bits for crafting, it's worth exploring its mysteries."

It's seen a few updates since then, however, so it might be worth another look if it's already sitting in your library.

They Came Below is available now as part of the season pass or individually. I'm not seeing the latter on Steam, but here's the GOG version

Fraser Brown
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