Watch this guy murder tons of Jedi in VR using Star Wars mods

(Image credit: WarpFrog)

Jedi: Sure, they look cool in the movies, but they're a sanctimonious bunch of fuddy-duddies if you don't buy into all that Lucas propaganda. Today, we watch as a bunch of padawan are taken down several pegs by a man wielding a red light saber and some Dark Side telekinesis. It's brutal, but also strangely satisfying.

It's all thanks to a series of Star Wars mods for Blade and Sorcery, an early access VR game about melee combat that leaves you feeling a bit bad about what you've done after you mow down a room's worth of hapless wizards.

Redditor Regetik went and installed several Star Wars mods, which can be found here, and replaced the wizards with frightened Jedi trainees. As you can see, things get considerably gorier than they ever do in the Disney-owned films as Regetik goes completely Order 66-level berserk.

The mods used in this video are The Outer Rim, which is a total conversion mod for Blade and Sorcery that makes it all Star Warsy, and Dark Chains, which makes that Force pull ability usable on enemies. It's also possible to make the Jedi put up a bit more of a fight by installing a mod called Sharp_AI.

The decapitation and impaling comes with Blade & Sorcery, so you won't need to worry about that. And while sure, it's over-the-top gory, Regetik's moves here are impressive, and the game lets you get creative with things like aerial combos. It certainly makes the Dark Side look like fun.