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Watch the trailer for Lonely Astronaut, a game about a skeleton in space

You're a corpse in a space suit in forthcoming indie game Lonely Astronaut, and yet somehow you can still move around by farting out orange streams of jet propulsion. The creation of developers Greyson Richey and Nick Lives, it's apparently a one-button arcade game that "highlights the sick joys of skeleton-thrusting". I don't know about you, but that's my money down.

The aim is not to die a second time while zooming around a cosmic graveyard full of asteroids, suns, and giant wormy space babies. If you play well enough you can earn cosmetics: "Play dress-up with your corpse because that's healthy."

Lonely Astronaut is coming to Steam next year, assuming its creators don't bounce off a huge floating fetus and explode in the meantime.

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