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Watch the Planeswalker classes in action in the new gameplay trailer for Magic: Legends

The first gameplay footage of Magic: Legends has been released and displays how the card game adaptation will work as an action MMO. You can view the trailer embedded above, via Game Informer. 

The pre-alpha footage shows two of the five playable classes in action. The Geomancer uses the powers of the earth such as fire and stone to attack enemies, whilst the Mind Mage takes more of a ranged approach using psychic and telekinetic powers. The trailer also serves as a sneak peek at two of the game's landscapes form the Magic universe, the volcanic island Shiv and dark swamps of Benalia. 

Perfect World officially announced the Magic: The Gathering MMO at the Game Awards last month with a flashy cinematic trailer, although Cryptic Studios first announced their plans for a Magic MMO adaptation back in 2017. 

For more information about the game's classes, worlds, and beta access can be found on the Magic: Legends official website. Magic: Legends releases on PC and consoles sometime in 2020.