Watch the fantastic trailer for musical puzzle game Kine

Kine is an upcoming 3D puzzle game about three robot musicians looking for their big break. Its announcement trailer is chock-full of jazz, graphic novel-like art, and cleverly synchronized movement, putting it right up my alley. 

"Do you like music, or challenge, or quirky yellow robots?" solo developer Gwen Frey asks on Kine's Steam page. "If you answered yes to any of the above questions then this game is for you! If you answered no to all of the questions above then this game might not be for you. Also, you might not have a pulse. Please check your pulse." 

Kine is about manipulating each robot's instrumental appendages to traverse levels. In a tweet, Frey said it works on an undo and redo system that lets you rewind any moves you make, a handy way to retrace your steps. It's also how she made Kine's delightful trailer—simply redoing moves in time with the music. Cool stuff. 

Frey previously co-founded The Molasses Flood, the studio behind survival roguelike The Flame In the Flood, which she animated. Before that she worked at Irrational Games and crafted background characters in BioShock Infinite. 

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Austin Wood
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