Watch Overwatch pro Mendo set a record with 36 solo kills in Apex Legends

Former Houston Outlaws Overwatch pro player and streamer Mendokusaii had a stellar run through Apex Legends last night. He stormed through the 18 minute, 37 second match as Wraith and walked away with a staggering 36 kills—a new world record—and 5,460 damage. And he did all but a minute of it playing solo, with no teammates by his side. You can see the record-breaking match embedded above (maybe with the volume lowered, as there are many F-bombs dropped).

After queuing with two random players, Mendo and his teammates landed in Skulltown to begin looting. They ran into another squad almost immediately, and both of Mendo's teammates were knocked and killed before he could reach them. Mendo grabbed their banners to respawn them, but they both quit the match just over a minute after it began, leaving Mendo on his own. What happened to team spirit?

Turns out, Mendo didn't need a team. Primarily using the Wingman, he went on to solo-wipe squad after squad as Wraith. The 36 solo kills tops the record held by streamer MrSimple, who managed 34 kills a few days ago, and Dizzy, who held the record of 33 prior to that. Mendo's absent teammates managed a combined 187 damage and no kills before they were downed and quit.

"I do want to make this statement for anyone that asks," Mendo said on his stream after the match. "If anyone ever takes my world record, if anyone ever... doesn't take my world record. To get a world record is fucking just luck."

He called his opponents "bots" and implied it was their lack of talent that contributed as much as his own skill. "No one fought each other, they were just so bad that they couldn't hit each other. I'm pretty sure I was the only player on the server that could hit a shot."

Christopher Livingston
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