Watch Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite's latest fighters duke it out in new trailer

A bunch of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite news and information was recently revealed, including its story mode, release date, and more characters. And thanks to a new gameplay trailer (above), we can see those characters in-game and in action.

The trailer's combatants include classic Capcom characters including Chun-Li from Street Fighter, Chris Redfield from Resident Evil, and Strider Hiryu from Strider. On the Marvel side, we get to see Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, and Ultron. Additionally, Capcom has said that it will show gameplay of Rocket Raccoon at a later date.

Aside from characters, the trailer introduces the Space Stone, which can pull opponents towards you or encase them in a prism, allowing you to catch a breather.

I'm a little disappointed that it seems like the early reports of this game focusing on characters from Marvel Studios' cinematic universe are true. That means we likely won't see any X-Men or Fantastic Four members since other companies own the movie rights to them. Of course, there's still time for Capcom to reveal a character like Wolverine, Magneto, or Doctor Doom. 

We of course can't know for sure that this game is going to ignore these characters altogether. I hope they don't because Wolverine in particular is a character that I feel is synonymous with this series. I mean, come on. This whole series started with X-Men vs Street Fighter back in 1996. We'll keep you updated as more characters are revealed.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite releases for PC on September 19. You can check out our preview of the crossover fighting game, which goes in depth on how the new 2v2 fighting system brings about some interesting changes.