Watch Doom Eternal's trailer remade in Doom II

One of the best things about 2016's Doom reboot was the uncanny sense that this brand-new game felt so much like the 20-year-old original. A new fan trailer shows off just how much the new Dooms capture the feel of the old ones by recreating Doom Eternal's gut-shredding trailer in the original Doom engine.

YouTuber Szczebrzeszyniarz Brzeczyszczyczmoszyski used custom code, several fan-made WADs, and a ton of mods to create the trailer above, which matches the latest Doom Eternal trailer beat for beat. It's an impressive piece of work that's full of sly references to secrets from the original game, and even a nod to Chex Quest, General Mills' licensed Doom clone that was packaged with Chex cereals in 1996.

But there's plenty of the new stuff as well, including the meathook and flamethrower seen in the new trailer.

You can also watch a side-by-side comparison video, which is even better.

Doom Eternal comes out November 22, but you can always replay Doom II.