Watch aliens turn into furniture in this eight-minute Prey gameplay trailer

Bethesda has unveiled a new trailer showcasing nearly nine minutes of Prey gameplay, touching on everything from basic gunplay to neuromods, the fabrication system, and creative uses of the Mimic power. But the most intriguing part of the whole thing might be the GLOO cannon: Its ability to make otherwise unreachable areas accessible doesn't get a lot of airtime, but as an inveterate videogame explorer, it's the thing I'll really want to get my hands on. 

The whole video is giving me powerful "Shock" vibes: The well-appointed Talos 1 space station, littered with dead bodies and hostile aliens, could've been lifted straight from System Shock 2, and the neuromod powers are pure BioShock. You even acquire them by injecting yourself, albeit in the eye rather than the arm—a process that apparently isn't nearly as big a deal as I would've expected. The "Looking Glass terminals" are a nice touch, too. Looking Glass Studios was the co-developer, along with Irrational Games, of System Shock 2.

All in all, Prey looks to be coming along quite nicely. There's still no release date, but Raphael Colantonio of Arkane said at The Game Awards last night that it's expected to be ready to go in the spring of 2017.

Andy Chalk

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