Watch a raccoon ponder the nature of holes in the Donut County reveal trailer

I admitted back in July that I didn't know anything about Donut County, one of the new games on the slate at What Remains of Edith Finch publisher Annapurna Interactive. The reveal trailer released today helps improve that situation somewhat: Now I can say that it is a game about a hole, that may or may not involve a talking raccoon. 

It's possible that the raccoon is only there to narrate the trailer, although he does appear in the Donut County Twitter avatar, too. Whatever role he plays, it won't be as the game's lead character, because that responsibility goes to a hole. The hole moves around on the ground, growing in size as it swallows objects, and spitting them back out in various combinations to solve puzzles. That's not much to go on but it looks cute, and Annapurna has so far demonstrated a real talent for picking winners.

Donut County is being developed by Ben Esposito, who has previously worked as a level designer on The Unfinished Swan and a design consultant on Edith Finch. It's expected to be out next year, and in the meantime there's a mailing list you can sign up for at

Andy Chalk

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