New Divinity: Dragon Commander video shows over 20 minutes of gameplay

Divinity: Dragon Commander is one of those games that defies genre classification, and does so quite aggressively. Like, angry-dragon-wearing-a-jetpack aggressively.

We've had a few looks at Dragon Commander before , but Belgian developer Larian recently released a full half-hour of game footage that apparently covers one complete turn in the singleplayer campaign. Dragon Commander is basically an RTS, with its attendant maps and troop movements and economical micromanaging. But when the action finally kicks off, well, suddenly it's a lot more things. Behold:

The video begins with Swen Vincke, the founder and creative director of Larian, upgrading technologies aboard a steampunky-fantasy airship, then checking out the strategic map and making adjustments. As he takes his armies to battle, though, he's able to use “favors,” which take the form of cards that upgrade or affect parts of the battle.

Once in battle, Swen manifests himself as a dragon who flies around the battlefield issuing orders and building bases and capturing points—when he's not throwing fireballs, dodging bullets or speeding around with his jetpack. If you've ever wanted to play Total War but manifest as a giant that simply squishes your enemies during battle, this looks like a dream come true.

Divinity: Dragon Commander is in beta right now, but it will land on PC on August 6 .