Watch 25 minutes of Monster Hunter: World gameplay

Capcom has shared a 25 minute Monster Hunter: World gameplay video showcasing the "truly living ecosystem" that had Steven so excited when he wrote about it last week. The whole thing is in Japanese, so unless you speak the language you're not going to get much out of the background conversation, and it gets pretty janky in spots: Animations are stuff and awkward, and clipping errors abound.   

But it's way too early to get hung up on the game's technical competence—Monster Hunter: World isn't expected to be out until early next year—and the video does hint at some interesting and ambitious ideas. A dino who kills and eats a rival upchucks part of the meal to feed what I'm assuming are her children, after which some of those children are killed in order to draw out mama, who is then taken care of by an even bigger dino who's been lured to the scene. A complicated plan, but ultimately effective.

The gameplay starts around 46:30, and runs to 1:11:18. A release date for Monster Hunter: World hasn't been announced, but Capcom recently confirmed that the PC version will come out after the console editions, "to make sure it's optimized and fine-tuned."

Andy Chalk

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