Wasteland 3 is coming next spring

Wasteland 3, which we saw from the E3 trailer is going let us trek through a very violent, eccentric post-apocalyptic Colorado, is now aiming for a spring 2020 launch, but backers and Early Access players will get their hands on it sooner. 

While the original, vague release window was late 2019, inXile says that it's only able to hit a spring launch because it's been able to hire more staff thanks to support from Microsoft. 2019 was a bit too ambitious, then. 

In August, backers who pledged in the First Access and highest tiers will get to play the alpha, while an Early Access beta in autumn will allow all backer tiers with the exception of the Correspondent tier to check it out. While the announcement only mentions backers, the Fig FAQ specifically mentions that it will have a Steam Early Access release, though presumably backers will get access first.

"The Alpha will be a first opportunity to play around with many of the game’s different systems in a guided experience, with the Early Access providing a bigger chunk of the game to check out," says inXile. "In both cases, they’ll be your opportunity to provide us with feedback that we can use to help make the final game that much better for everyone."

Check out the backer FAQ here. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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