Wasteland 2 release is "pretty likely" to slip into September

Here's a news story you'll be familiar with: an RPG is being delayed. This time, though, it's not a big-budget slip from The Witcher 3 or Dragon Age: Inquisition, but rather the Kickstarter funded Wasteland 2. The reason is a little different, too. The game is likely to be pushed back a few weeks so that InXile can fulfil the physical side of their long-awaited sequel's release.

"It's pretty likely that we will slip into the first or second week in September due to fulfillment of the physical goods and discs," writes Chris Keenan in a backer update . "We will give an exact date as soon as we know it."

Physical copies of Wasteland 2 range in scope from the cloth map of the standard edition, to the added miniature and faction badge of the collector's edition. It does seem a little strange for physical goods to delay a game in 2014—a year when the PC market appears to be overwhelmingly digital—but then, what's a few weeks when set against the almost two and a half years fans have been waiting since the game's Kickstarter launch?

For beta owners, Wasteland 2 has also been on the receiving end of a massive patch. The full list is here , and will cause actual pain to your scrollin' finger, but highlights include a new mini-map and UI overhaul, and a shitload of balance improvements.

Phil Savage

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