Wasteland 2 dev says "average" playthrough might take 50 hours, Linux build coming

There's no perfect amount of time to spend in a world that's almost destroyed itself, but Wasteland 2 wants to give you at least a couple of days to savour the terrifying sights. Developer inXile Entertainment thinks an "average new player" should take about 50 hours to complete the upcoming RPG, according to a new update detailing the game's march toward release.

That's a sizeable chunk of time to spend wandering the broken landscapes of Arizona and California, and one the developer acknowledges is an estimate based on the activity of players working through content which has been included so far in the beta. The Steam Early Access version , for instance, only features around 30 percent of the levels set to appear in the finished game, according to inXile. But it still provides a good sense of the ambition and depth that the designers are crafting for the long-awaited sequel.

In terms of Wasteland 2's progress towards release , info posted by inXile suggests a new beta version will go live next week, and will include a Linux build of the RPG for the first time. Further updates set to be made "in the near future" will make almost all of the Arizona levels playable, while beyond that the developer will be focusing its efforts on creating post-apocalyptic California. You can see a little glimpse of that content in the above screenshot, which shows a seemingly lush and verdant Los Angeles. Turns out the apocalypse has arguably improved the City of Angels' looks.