Wasteland 2 is in "the final stretch" of production

The final stretch of any post-apocalyptic movie is a harrowing journey of loss, pain and pustulous mutants. Hopefully that's not also the case for the development of a post-apocalyptic game. InXile have announced that production of the Kickstarter funded RPG Wasteland 2 has entered its "final stretch", and I can't imagine they'd be helped any by irradiated fleshless beings oozing over their floors. If nothing else, it'd make their studio hazardously slippy.

"We know better than to give an exact date at this point because in addition to pushing the game in the ways we'd planned," writes Brian Fargo in a Kickstarter update , "we're going to continue to incorporate player comments that make sense for us to address. But we are in the final stretch, and are thankful our backers have consistently agreed we should take the time we need."

Fargo says that, thanks to beta test feedback, the studio has received over 2,300 bugs and suggestions - nearly half of which have been addressed, to be included as part of the next test build. While Fargo won't release an exact date, they do have a broad timeline for internal development. "To outline our current plan: we will have the team working to lock down every aspect of the game within three months such that we are only addressing bugs."

In addition, Fargo has announced that the game will launch simultaneously on Windows and OSX, with a Linux version planned later down the line.

Phil Savage

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