Warsaw, the World War 2 strategy-RPG that looks like Darkest Dungeon, is now on Steam

Warsaw is a turn-based tactical RPG set in occupied Warsaw, Poland in 1944 that has players leading a small group of "accidental heroes"—men and women, soldiers and civilians, young and old—against the might of the German army. We said in February that it looks a Second World War take on Darkest Dungeon and it definitely does, as you can see in the new trailer, in both its visual style and the shared theme of desperate struggle against overwhelming odds.

There's an element of This War of Mine to it, too, as players will have to collect and manage resources including food, weapons, and ammunition, and recruit new fighters to replace those lost in combat. Permadeath means killed characters are gone for good, and losses will have an impact on morale, but there's no avoiding it: Some battles are best avoided, but the war is unavoidable. 

It's bleak stuff, but so is the historical event on which it's based: Thousands died in the 1944 Warsaw Uprising, which was ultimately crushed by the German forces, and many more were killed when the population was expelled in its aftermath. Most of the city was razed to the ground. 

"With Warsaw, we wanted to create a game that is both culturally significant and great to play, and we hope that we’ve delivered that," producer Krzysztof Paplinski said. "We took great care with our story and mechanics to provide the best possible experience for players and to ensure we do our history justice."

Warsaw was supposed to be out in September but at some point it was pushed into October—today, to be precise. It's available now on Steam for $24/£19/€20.

Andy Chalk

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