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Warhammer: Vermintide 2's Sonnstill event promises summery executions

The sun is shining (allegedly, depending on where you are), the birds are singing, so what better time to hole yourself up in front of your PC and beat another ten thousand of Warhammer: Vermintide 2's ratmen over the head with a bloody great hammer?

Clearly developers Fatshark agree, as they're celebrating the Summer Solstice with the Warhammer fantasy equivalent; Sonnstill. Taal's Horn Keep has been redecorated for the season, with colourful banners flying, flowers blooming and no shortage of virtual sunshine to bask in, all without the pollen allergy risks. The new look will hold until July 12th, but after that it's back to the usual grim gothic vibes.

There's a little more to the event than nice weather. You'll find a trio of special event quests available. They're nothing too fancy—just beat ten missions on each difficulty setting —but they do have a few unique rewards.

Those completing all three will be able to bring a little bit of summer with them in a new character portrait frame. There's also a double weekend event running, but that'll be wrapping up tomorrow on the 9th, so if you want to level up fast, hop in now.

If you've not played Vermintide 2 since release, you might find the experience a little smoother than it was at launch, thanks to some tweaks to the difficulty settings (the easier modes are now far more newbie-friendly), plus the addition of  a daily quest and challenge system, which the Sonnstill event uses and you can see in the video below.