Warhammer: Vermintide 2 announced, full reveal due in October

Vermintide, the fine Left 4 Dead meets Warhammer co-op rat-bashing game, is getting a sequel. A new Steam page has a few slim details: "Equipped with a variety of melee and ranged weapons, you and your team are all that stands between utter defeat and victory—and if you fall so will the Empire."

The Vermintide title suggests that Warhammer's cheeky giant rat race, the Skaven, will be stars of the show once again. How will Fatshark refresh the premise of the first game without new enemies, I wonder? There will certainly be a change in scenery judging from the new screenshots on the Steam store page, which you will find below.

A full "worldwide reveal" is due on October 17, and the release date is "TBD." Now look at these and imagine Everybody's Gone To The Rapture but with massive rats everywhere, or find out why we loved the first game so much in our Warhammer End Time: Vermintide review.

Tom Senior

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