Warframe's next expansion is Angels of the Zariman

Warframe's first expansion after the giant New War is coming, and it's called Angels of the Zariman. Announced on a developer stream Friday, it's an expansion that will include a new quest, Warframe, and "at least two" new game modes, among other things.

The Angels of Zariman expansion will be update 31.5 for Warframe, and it's part of Digital Extremes' promise to make 2022 Warframe's "best year yet." There's not much more specific to say, but speculation is rife. 

The Zariman is a deep cut from Warframe's lore, a ship that carried those who would later become Warframe's Tenno protagonists through the mysterious and dangerous Void. It played a big part as a place in The New War, and I'd expect any expansion specifically named after it to be a pretty big deal for Warframe's backstory. As for the titual angels, we'll see—that could be the Tenno, or it could be something far more sinister.

Warframe's next update before Angels of the Zariman is the 31.1 Echoes of War update, which will allow players to replay The New War.

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