Warframe's June expansion trailer has players scrambling to decrypt its hidden messages

After first being teased a year ago, the next chapter in Warframe's evolving story, The Sacrifice, is finally coming later this month. But like most things in Warframe, what will actually happen in The Sacrifice is still a mystery. The trailer above, which shows off a few of Warframe's hardcore veteran players, only teases a few things. Keen Warframe players are sure to pick up on those very subtle threads but for a casual or non-player it can be hard to see what all the buzz is about.

While Warframe didn't start it's free-to-play life as a story-driven game, developer Digital Extremes has updated it with a few significant quests that add a great deal of lore and depth to its characters. As someone who just spent the last few months playing for our review, these story quests were a highlight of my experience. There are some wild twists and turns that are unlike anything else I've seen in a game before.

That's why anticipation for The Sacrifice is so high. It was first teased during Digital Extremes' fan convention Tennocon 2017, but not much has been heard about it since then. While the trailer above still doesn't answer many questions, players are already scrambling to decode cryptic images in the video and those found on the official website. What we do know is that the story will center around Ballas, the Orokin (a kind of humanoid alien race) inventor of Warframes and the method by which they are controlled.

It's all super esoteric stuff if you're not a big Warframe player. But The Sacrifice is clearly made for its more dedicated fans. To even experience the new quest, you'll have to have completed The Second Dream, The War Within, The Chains of Harrow, and, Apostasy Prologue—four pivotal quests that'll honestly take you about 100 hours to complete. It's worth it though, as Warframe is a badass game that I've come to love.

We've spoken to Digital Extremes about this update and what makes it so exciting and will have more to share closer to its launch. Likewise, Digital Extremes will be joining us at The PC Gaming Show to share more details on what's to come in Warframe.

If you're an active player, head over to The Sacrifice's official site where you can grab a code for some cosmetic items.

Steven Messner

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