Warframe's anniversary event offers 5 weeks of free stuff for everyone

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Warframe is celebrating its ninth anniversary with weekly giveaways of loot including skins, boosters, weapon slots, and the Excalibur Dex Noggle, which for those unfamiliar with the parlance is basically a digital bobblehead for your landing craft.

All Warframe players will be given a free Wisp Dex skin today, and further reward packages will drop throughout April:

Week 1 Alert Delivered Monday, March 28

  • Dex Sybaris + Weapon Slot
  • Dex Nouchali Syandana
  • Weekend Credit Booster

Week 2 Alert Delivered Monday, April 4

  • Dex Furis + Weapon Slot
  • Excalibur Dex Skin
  • Weekend Affinity Booster

Week 3 Alert Delivered Monday, April 11

  • Dex Dakra + Weapon Slot
  • Dex Raksaka Armor
  • Weekend Credit Booster

Week 4 Alert Delivered Monday, April 18

  • Liset Dex Skin
  • Excalibur Dex Glyph
  • Weekend Affinity Booster

Week 5 Alert Delivered Monday, April 25

  • Rhino Dex Skin
  • Excalibur Dex Noggle
  • Weekend Credit and Affinity Booster

The new Garuda Prime warframe, "awash in crimson and signature shimmering gold," is now available, with gear including the Nagantaka Prime crossbow, a golden version of the standard Garuda crossbow. A new Warframe Initiate Pack 2 also went live today with a new warframe, customization options, the in-game currency platinum, and other "powerful items."

Full details on Warframe's Nine Year Anniversary event are up at warframe.com. Warframe's next expansion, Angels of the Zariman, is set to debut in April.

Andy Chalk

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