Warframe trailer brings new Plains of Eidolon gameplay

Digital Extremes has released a new teaser showcasing some of the environments and action from the upcoming Warframe expansion Plains of Eidolon, which will see the launch of the game's first large, open-world "landscape." Players on the Plains will be confronted with new and old creatures and enemies, a brand-new Warframe, a day/night cycle, and "a gripping story told through interactive NPC characters who inhabit the bustling scavenger city of Cetus." 

Warframe: Plains of Eidolon will also see the introduction of the Ostrons, who scavenge biomechanical tissue from Orokin Towers, and new mission types that will enable the discovery and construction of new weapons, Warframes, and other items. "Experience a bristling new world where the wind rustles across your Syandana and the age and size of giant Orokin structures ominously looms in the background," the studio promised. "Earth will be more alive than ever before." 

We took an up-close look at Plains of Eidolon back in July, and spoke with the studio about what it has in mind for the expansion and how it expects the game will be changed once it's live. More recently, we got the details on the monstrous Eidolons that give the expansion its name: "Ten-story-tall behemoths that emerge at night to stomp across the plains." 

Today was also the day for Warframe devstream 98, which includes details on the upcoming changes to focus and a hefty chunk of Plains of Eidolon pre-release gameplay. You can watch the whole thing below, and catch the follow-up AMA on Reddit.

Andy Chalk

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