Warframe studio Digital Extremes reveals a new game called Keystone

Digital Extremes, the studio behind the free-to-play action game Warframe, very quietly announced today that it has a new project in the works called Keystone. It's a competitive FPS "with a distinct blend of first-person action and deck-building strategies," and it's slated to begin closed alpha testing later this week. 

"The long-running success of Warframe has enabled us to build up a second internal team to create a wholly different but equally satisfying game concept that we're really excited about," Digital Extremes studio head Sheldon Carter said. "Keystone originates from our roots in the FPS world and mixing genres like we have done with Warframe. We believe there's room to expand the confines of what defines a good FPS and hope our community will see the potential and get on board for the ride." 

Players in Keystone will travel through a 1970s-themed "multiverse" represented by a virtual game board, using unique decks of cards that confer special bonuses, powers, and weapons. "With timing and resourcefulness, personally customized decks give players the upper hand in battle both individually and when strategically coupled with teammates' decks," the studio said. 

If that all strikes you as a bit vague, well, me too. But Digital Extremes has a pretty good record when it comes to making games about people shooting at each other, and I really dig the art style in that promo image above. If the developers can carry that look into the game itself, I'll play it just for the chance to be the sci-fi hero with the dorsal fin helmet I dreamed of being as a kid. A solid start date for the alpha test hasn't been announced, but you can sign up for a chance to take part at playkeystone.com.

Andy Chalk

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