Warcraft director Duncan Jones confirms he's working on a Rogue Trooper film

For a number of reasons, the Warcraft film did not turn out to be a career highlight for director Duncan Jones. Hopefully he'll have better luck with the Rogue Trooper flick that he confirmed earlier today he's working on. 

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Rogue Trooper is a mainstay in the long-running British sci-fi comic 2000 AD, probably trailing only the famed Judge Dredd as its Headline Guy. He's a genetically engineered super-soldier, immune to toxins and hard vacuum, who travels through his adventures with three companions: Gunnar, Bagman, and Helm, which are actually the personalities of other troopers in his squad, downloaded onto "biochips" when they were killed.

There's a game connection here, too: Rebellion released a third-person shooter based on the character in 2006 that was Redux-ified, to mixed effect, last year. (The site Jones linked in his tweet is actually for the game, although there's quite a bit of info on the character and series there too.)

Jones had teased the Rogue Trooper flick yesterday with a tweet showing off a Rogue Haircut:

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The Warcraft film Jones helmed in 2016 is not good, but Jones said in a 2017 interview that much of that was the result of the "political minefield" he had to navigate while making it, including multiple disruptions at Legendary Pictures and nervousness at Blizzard, which apparently didn't consider the film a priority. His other credits include Mute, the Jake Gyllenhaal flick Source Code, and Moon, a modestly-budgeted sci-fi film starring Sam Rockwell for which Jones won an BAFTA.

Update: To mark the film's official announcement, 2000 AD is giving away a Rogue Trooper digital comic. Enjoy!

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